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Joint pain can affect anyone. Sports injuries, degenerative conditions or the hands of father time take their toll on all of us. GLC 2000 offers a safe and sensible method to help relieve the symptoms associated with these dehabilitating problems. Simply by taking GLC 2000 full spectrum Glucosamine plus Chondroitin as directed, you can help your body's natural repair mechanisms to slow the degenerative process, regenerate and strengthen articular cartilage, and provide increased mobility to your aching joints. The results can be amazing! GLC 2000 exclusive glucosamine profile, coupled with a comprehensive chondroprotective formula, gives you the best line of defense in the war on nagging joint pain. Don't put it off another day! Start doing the things you love again and enjoying life to its fullest.

Jean Mae Cordova 82 Years Young Senior Powerlifter

"This is what I have to say. I've had arthritis since I was 15 years old. For the past 25 years I've had an on going problem in my right groin. Sometimes the pain was so bad that I couldn't raise my leg more than 6 in. off the ground. After taking your product for only three weeks the pain has disappeared and has never returned. I'm able to do the seated leg press with 520 lbs., bench press 120 lbs., Military press 55lbs, And do 30 regular push ups. The important thing is not the weight I use or that I'm nearly 83 years old, but the fact that I can do all of this without pain. What a relief to get up in the mornings without aching and stiff joints after only 2 months using GLC 2000. What I'm writing is a fact. So please don't say anymore than what I have written.......... Thank you for such a wonderful product." Jean Mae

The Patent Pending GLC Formula is Designed to Work for You!
Damaged or worn cartilage can result in mild discomfort or serious dehabilitation. Normally your body maintains healthy cartilage through many processes including the utilization of glucosamine and chondroitin esters. These usable ester forms have a direct beneficial effect on cartilage manufacturing cells called Chondrocytes. These cells are responsible for both cellular production and lubrication of the cartilage matrix, as well as regulating enzymes which remove damaged cells. GLC 2000's full spectrum glucosamine profile is scientifically engineered to effectively target Chondrocyte activity and natural HA synthesis. Through this process GLC 2000 helps speed the repair process. GLC's inclusive formula also includes pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate A-4 to help inhibit the secretion of destructive synovial enzymes. In this way we help slow the ongoing degenerative process. Only GLC 2000 brings together all the necessary components to help improve joint recovery and slow natural degeneration. Supplementing with GLC 2000 provides your body with the key metabolic precursors necessary to help regenerate damaged and worn articular cartilage while promoting healthy joint function. Join the thousands of satisfied customers and be proactive in the fight against degenerative arthritis with GLC 2000.

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Congratulations Gary Stevens on your Record 9th Santa Anita Derby

Hall of Fame Jockey: Winner of 3 Kentucky Derbies, 3 Belmont, 2 Preakness, Japan Cup, Dubai World Cup, Eclipse Award, 9 Breeders Cup Victories and the Youngest Jockey to Acquire $100,000,000.00 in Earnings.

" In December of 1999 I was forced to retire from racing. My doctors told me I had run out of options; there was irreparable damage in my knee from degenerative arthritis. The bone on bone contact became so painful it was unbearable. Even every day activities caused great discomfort. I have had numerous surgeries and tried many therapies with little effect. I tried all of the other joint products out there and they simply did not work. Then I found the GLC formula. After a few weeks I knew I had found a product that made a difference. Within a month, the pain, which had been plaguing me for years, was subsiding. Mobility and flexibility were returning and each day brought the promise of recovery. Today my doctors are amazed. My x-rays "haven't looked this good in years." Now a short 10 months since the most difficult announcement of my life, I'm back in the saddle riding world champions. Not only have I been able to come out of retirement but I am able to play with my children, and play a round of golf without the pain. My family and I are so very grateful. The GLC formula has greatly increased the quality of my life. GLC 2000 has helped me to live my dream once again, you have literally given me my life back. .....Thank you GLC" Gary Stevens Audio Click Here

Gary debut in the movie, "Seabiscuit," premiered on July 17, 2003. Read his best selling Biography, the Perfect Ride available online at, and in fine book stores everywhere.

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World Champions have Made GLC 2000 #1

Bas Rutten Undisputed UFC World Heavyweight Champion, and 3 Time Undefeated King of Pancrase

"As a professional fighter and World Champion, I place an extreme amount of stress on my body, especially my joints. After trying a lot of other so-called joint products, I finally found GLC 2000 - and trust me on this, it works! I no longer have pain in my joints brought on by years of abuse. The GLC Formula allows me to train longer and harder without the nagging pain. I recommend GLC 2000 for all my friends. If you are serious about training pain free, get GLC 2000. This product really works." Thank You GLC

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Lynne Nelson: Wife, Mother of Two and APA World Record Holder

Since I have been taking GLC 2000 my knee and shoulder soreness has completely disappeared. It has given my knees a sense of "solids" especially during my heavier squat workouts. It used to take almost an entire routine to work through the soreness in my bench routine; Not anymore! In fact, without the pain I have lessened my warm-up time. GLC 2000 lets me concentrate on what's most important, taking my workouts and contest preparation one step higher.?

To reach Lynne, check out her website at and track her outstanding progress with the APA

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