Inflamagic® and Remeeda®....Relieves Muscle and Joint Discomfort in Minutes.

Inflamagic® goes to work in minutes to:

  • Promote Youthful Activity.
  • Support Healthy Joint Function.
  • Relieve Muscle Discomfort.

Inflamagic® (Proleve) is supplied in unique Fast-Acting, Easy-To-Swallow gel caps that are designed to dissolve in minutes for fast relief. Convenient 'take-along" packaging means you can always have them whenever and whenever you need them.Natural Miracles Inflamagic

Inflamagic® is proudly manufactured in the United States in FDA approved pharmaceutical grade facilities, using high quality raw materials, the latest analytical methods, and consistent quality and dependable results every time.

Millions of people aound the world suffer, making it one of the most common ailments in the world today.

In the United States it is estimated that 70 million people suffer with some form of persistent muscle and joint discomfort, 75% of these people are women. Age has no bearing on muscle and joint discomfort. In fact, most of this type of discomfort occurs between the ages of 20-85.

Muscle and joint discomfort symptoms are caused by natural substances produced in the cells, called prostaglandins (PGE2). These prostaglandins can be responsible for the inflammation and discomfort.

Muscle and Joint discomfort can affect different parts of the body with stiffness, tenderness, or swelling which is sometimes referred to as inflammation. When inflammation occurs over a long time tissue damage can occur.

The most common cause of muscle and joint discomfort is arthritis. Factors that contribute to the discomfort include inflammation of the synovial membrane, the tendons, or the ligaments, muscle strain and fatigue.Natural Miracles Remeeda

Unfortunately, inflammation can affect normal daily functions such as: walking, siting, typing, writing, turning a key, throwing a ball, or trying to stretch the hand to a full open position. These symptoms can become a hindrance in performing daily activities and in some cases led to unbearable discomfort for sufferers.

An independent laboratory study showed that the essential oil blend in Inflamagic® and Remeeda® inhibited the production of the most common inflammatory agents in the body. The results revealed Inflamagic® and Remeeda® have a dose dependent positive effect on the inhibition of TNF-α, PGE2, and COX-2. Inflamagic® and Remeeda® do not have an inhibitory effect against COX-1, a helpful substance that protects the stomach’s lining. Specifically, the study showed a 73% inhibition of TNF-α, a 79% inhibition of PGE2 and an astonishing 96% inhibition of COX-2, with little or no effect on COX-1.

Suggested Use: For fast, temporary relief of muscle and joint discomfort. Just take one Inflamagic® or Remeeda® gel cap with food at the first sign of discomfort. That's all there is to it! In minutes your symptoms will be gone and the relief lasts for hours.


Inflamagic 30 Soft gels - $19.97    Inflamagic for joint comfort.



Remeeda 30 Soft gels - $21.97 - Same product as Inflamagic with Enteric Coated Capsules.    Inflamagic for joint comfort.

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