Alternative Arthritis Approach


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Lotus Acupuncture and Wellness Center - A holistic care clinic located in the Tampa Bay area, committed to providing quality holistic, alternative and non-emergent health care that is accessible and cost-effective for all ages.

Supplier of Medicinal Leeches (Niagara Falls) - Supplier of Medicinal Leeches (Niagara Falls)

Houston Nicotine Withdrawal - Quit smoking houston is houston's premier quit smoking acupuncture clinic. We have one of the highest success rates in the nation! If you need to quit smoking then you need to call quit smoking houston today!

Acupuncture Fertility And Reproductive Specialists - Acupuncture specialists working with infertility, pcos, endometriosis, iui, ivf, pregnancy, gestational diabetes, luteal phase defect, elevated fsh, blocked fallopian tubes, pms, menopause, sperm issues. We use acupuncture, chinese herbs, and massage

Accupuncture Houston Tx - Welcome to the acupuncture houston web site, the internet home of one of houston’s oldest acupuncture clinics, peking acupuncture. Drs. Tiong ling and nancy ling established peking acupuncture in 1982

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